The waistcoats never go out of fashion, but how to choose the right one? Everyone should own this waistcoat, because it is a real evergreen, which we can combine with any type of look. The real problem, in this case, is to find the perfect model based on your style and physique. Among the many proposals there are men’s waistcoats with fur, with belt and hood, double breast and imaginative: which is the best? Here is the advice of expert to be able to choose the right men’s waistcoat according to your needs.

Long men’s waistcoats

First we understand better how to wear short men’s waistcoats. These models are very popular among the younger, because they are considered very practical. If you love casual style, then buy a waistcoat that has these characteristics. On the other hand, long men’s waistcoats definitely have a more slippery and elegant line, so it’s no surprise that they are considered the best for both going to work and for a gallant event. However, this kind of outerwear can be paired with simple jeans and sneakers.

Colorful men’s waistcoats

Winter garments designed to protect against too low temperatures, men’s waistcoats can be declined in various colors and can be characterized by different patterns and textures. Among the colored men’s waistcoats that surely go for the most, there are those blacks, dark gray and dark blue: after all, they are the typical shades of the cold season, and it is always good to have a similar one in your wardrobe. If you are looking for something clearer, you could choose camel men’s waistcoats, to be combined with any type of look, from the most sober and refined to the more sporty and casual. As for the plots and patterns, know that the men’s waistcoats of checks they are undoubtedly the coolest ones among which you can choose your ideal model.

Classic elegant men’s waistcoats

These outerwears are considered real passé-partout, to wear on any occasion. That’s why expert advise you to buy, if you do not yet own it, one of the many elegant and classic men’s waistcoats, because you could combine them with a gray suit for men or maybe blue or even black and appear sophisticated and impeccable in the most glamorous occasions. To avoid, at least in these cases, the hooded men’s waistcoats, because they are considered sportier and casual, definitely not suitable for important and refined evenings. The shopbrumano offers you waistcoats cording to your preference.